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Let the Chips Fall

One of the biggest criticisms that people like Dave Smith of Part of the Problem Podcast, and Tom Woods (who needs no introduction) had of the Libertarian Party (LP) during the recent election cycle was the cozying up to the Left that the LP inexplicably decided was a good tactic.

Bill Weld and Gary Johnson were always nice about Hillary, a murderous and bloodthirsty animal, but oh boy, Trump was the worst thing in the entire world because he said mean things.

Their policy decisions also pandered to the Left. The LP seemed to think that people weren’t allowed freedom of association and need I bring up baking cakes here?

Where did all of this get the LP? Not much of anywhere. They can claim that they had growth, and that’s all fine and dandy, but nothing of substance really happened. Tom Woods specifically kept making the point that the Left has no respect for libertarians and thus cozying up to them will bring nothing but ridicule (what’s up half-naked dancing guy?). It’s not like we are going to make any converts this way because we are providing a bastardized version of (l)ibertarianism.

Why do I bring this up now?

Unfortunately, many pop evangelical Christians seem to have the same strategy as the LP. The past couple of days, every well known pastor and their mother has come out against white nationalism and Nazism. Making declarations that it’s evil, and we cannot stand for the sin of racism!

It’s hard not believe this is to try to stay relevant in a world that is ever becoming more hostile towards Christianity. If we can just get mainstream approval on this, then maybe we won’t be hated for believing homosexuality and abortion are sins just as heinous as racism!

But will this pandering actually doing anything? Count me skeptical. Why? Because it’s not honest. The world isn’t going to suddenly be open to the Gospel because we take their side on a basic belief of 2017 when on everything else we disagree.

Much like Tom Woods pointed this out in his wonderful speech to libertarians at LP Convention last year. We should be unashamed in our libertarian beliefs. Be bold, don’t back down, and let the chips fall where they may.

May we be even more so for the Gospel.

And boldness? Boldness in belief doesn’t require you to take self-described “brave” stands that literally everyone else is taking. I feel no need to sign a petition against racism. It’s just that simple.

And racism is bad, but coming out against it is not going to get Christianity mainstream acceptance to agree with something we’ve already believed for years. And the left doesn’t really care about us because the Gospel is offensive either way.

@AndrewIsker pointed this out beautifully on Twitter in a thread:

Compare and contrast how evangelical leaders talk about white nationalism and homosexuality. For one they will use every ounce of fire and brimstone they can possibly summon. For the other, they will say “we have to be gentle, patient, kind, gracious, and careful not to give offense, they are broken & hurting.” If you aren’t willing to use the same terms for the sin the zeitgeist adores, I don’t want to hear your condemnation of the sin they hate.

As the kids say, that’s straight fire.

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The Remnant and the Message

Been thinking a lot about the next steps for the liberty movement recently. Where do we go from here? We have seemingly lost the momentum of the Ron Paul movement where 18 year old college students were chanting “End the Fed!” and reading 900 page books because a goofy old doctor told them about Austrian Economics. Now the kids are chanting for free college and socialized medicine. How do we get back?

I remembered Dr. Paul would mention The Remnant all the time. At the time, I never really knew what he was speaking too much about and I kind of overlooked it. But turns out, it’s actually a very important concept for us moving forward and can tell us a lot about the strategy that we should take. It comes from a great little essay called Isaiah’s Job written by Albert Jay Nock in the 1930’s.

It gave me a lot clarity of where we need to go from here. We must take care of the Remnant.

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Libertarians Hate Tax Breaks

I never thought I’d see the day where libertarians would complain about tax breaks for a company, yet here we are. All of a sudden, tax breaks are subsidies and are a clear indication that cronyism took place, and thus should be rejected.

Bob Murphy sums it up perfectly in this tweet:


And he’s right for calling out the absurdity of the libertarian outrage. Libertarians should be overjoyed at the thought of someone getting a tax break. I keep thinking back to the Ron Paul quip when asked what he thinks about half of the US population not paying taxes. His response? “Good. We’re halfway there.” Corporations shouldn’t be any different.

Is it lame that only one company is getting a tax break? Sure. But the response shouldn’t be to get angry at this corporation and at tax breaks, it should be fighting to get EVERY corporation this tax break. 1 down, many many more to go.

Tax breaks and loopholes are awesome! We need more! As Mises said: “Capitalism breathes through loopholes.” Here is Rothbard’s column “Long Live the Loophole.”

Thankfully, the Mises Institute exists to be the one voice of reason in this world where “libertarians” hate tax breaks.

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Hurricane Matthew is Racist

In case you have been living under a rock, or on the West Coast (if we are being honest, what’s the difference?) you may have heard about this hurricane tearing through the Caribbean and soon to hit the South East coast of the US. As a resident of Charleston, SC, this means the inevitable flooding and evacuation of thousands of people. In fact, our governor has already mandated that people leave their homes.

But we aren’t here to talk about that, kind reader. Oh no, we are here to talk about the fact that Hurricane Matthew is racist.

Yes, I woke up today and checked twitter to see the progress of Matthew barreling toward me, and instead I was met with the hottest of takes,

The death toll in Haiti from Hurricane Matthew is 339. That’s what environmental racism looks like.

This legitimately saddened me. We have poor people in poor countries dying, we have people in the US that very may well die due to the intensity and flooding caused by this storm, and it’s instantly turned into a political cause.

But let’s say this is true, let’s say that nature is racist. How do we go about fixing this? How do we solve this issue? Since the dawn of time people have been trying to figure out how to survive nature and what it has to throw at us. But this doesn’t fit the narrative, right? The narrative that black people are oppressed so much that even a non-living thing has decided to take it’s anger out on black people.
I happen to believe that black people do get the raw end of the stick a lot of times. However, it’s not at the hand of nature, it’s at the hand of the State. Wherever there is oppression, there is a State-backed force. If BLM turned their eyes on the State, instead of nature, change may actually take place to give people liberty.

But instead, we are distracted from actual issues caused by the State, because of a racist hurricane.

Mother nature is not racist. She is an equal opportunity destroyer.

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Is Monarchy better than Democracy?

Democracy: Worse than Monarchy? 

I came across this article today on Facebook and I thought it put a lot of my own incoherent thoughts down pretty well. This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. The libertarian goal should be to maximize freedom. I think there is a very good case that a monarchical system could maximize freedom better than a democracy. This may not be anything groundbreaking, but just another thing an anarchist can use to spice up the Thanksgiving Dinner table.

Give the article a read and let me know what you think! I’d love to hear opposing views!

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Demystify the State

The libertarian therefore considers one of his prime educational tasks is to spread the demystification and desanctification of the State among its hapless subjects. His task is to demonstrate repeatedly and in depth that not only the emperor but even the “democratic” State has no clothes; that Property and Exchange 29 all governments subsist by exploitive rule over the public; and that such rule is the reverse of objective necessity. He strives to show that the very existence of taxation and the State necessarily sets up a class division between the exploiting rulers and the exploited ruled. He seeks to show that the task of the court intellectuals who have always supported the State has ever been to weave mystification in order to induce the public to accept State rule, and that these intellectuals obtain, in return, a share in the power and pelf extracted by the rulers from their deluded subjects.

Murray Rothbard, For a New Liberty, pg. 29-30.

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